South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Past is the longest of Britain’s National Trails. A 630 mile path from Minehead in Somerset to Poole in Dorset, following the spectacular coastline. You’ve got dramatic heights and stunning views not strange if you think that once this path was created by the coastguards who were looking out for smugglers. That really sounds as an exciting path isn’t it!?

Along the trail you have so many places full with history: prehistoric burials, small chapels hidden in the woods and Second World War defences, quarrying, fishing and boatbuilding areas.

The coast provides a place for thousands of animals and plants. Peregrine falcons, puffins, seals, dolphins, basking sharks, you will be able to see them while walking along the South West Coast Path. One moment you walk through an area with lots of grassland and just a few trees, the other moment you have sub-tropical plants all around you.

And that all together made the walk so very interesting!