Lee Trail

Between Ettelbruck and Kautenbach there is a 53 kilometer long hiking trail called the Lee trail. The word Lee comes from the way of  geological erosion of rocks in this area. And it’s part of a longer trail, the Escapardenne Eislek Trail which is in total 104 km.


You can walk the Lee Trail in both directions and you can do it in 3 days:

Ettlebrück – Bourscheid-Moulin (17,6 km)

Bourscheid-Moulin – Hoscheid (19,6 km)

Hoscheid – Kautenbach (15 km).


Remember it’s not flat! Most of the trail goes up and down so you need a good condition! I do a lot of walking, but where I live everything is at sea level so I found the second day heavy! My average speed per hour was much slower than I am used to. Climbing went ok, you just get sort of used to it. But when I went down (some parts 18%) my upper legs felt like they should explode any moment!


You will cross 1 town and 10 villages and less then 20% of the surface is tarmac, you have to gain 2000m of elevation but that gives you also 32 outstanding views! Make sure you will have enough water with you, especially on day 3 you haven’t got any possibilities to refill your bottle.


Along the trail there are several railway stations: Ettelbruck, Michelau, Goebelsmühle and Kautenbach.


It’s prohibited to go wildcamping in Luxemburg but there are several campsites:


Camping Ettelbrück – www.campingettelbruck.com

Camping Du Moulin in Bourscheid-Moulin – www.camp.lu

Camping Um Gritt in Bourscheid-Moulin – www.umgritt.castlegarden.lu

Camping Du Nord in Goebelsmühle – www.campingdunord.lu

Camping Kautenbach in Kantenbach – www.campingkautenbach.lu


If you want some more luxury and want to stay in hotels, than these are your options:


Hotel Herckmans in Ettelbrück – www.lerestone.lu

Hotel-restaurant-lanners in Ettelbrück – www.hotel-restaurant-lanners.lu

Hotel Dahm in Erpeldange – www.hotel-dahm.lu

Sporthotel Leweck in Lipperscheid – www.sporthotel.lu

Cocoon Hotel Belair in Bourscheid – www.cocoonhotels.eu

Hotel Dirbach Plage in Dirbach

Hotel Des Ardennes in Hoscheid – www.hotel-des-ardennes.lu

Hotel Huberty in Kautenbach – www.hotelhuberty.com


Check in advance if they are open, especially when you are not walking during the season.

If you like to do geocaching there’s a great multi-cache along this trail! It’s called Escapardenne: Lee Trail. For more info about it: www.geocaching.com.