Day 3 – Lee Trail / Luxembourg

We left the hotel with a little bit of muscle pain. So crispy as the air was the day before so grey was the sky today. Still in the village we had to search for the next geocache question but we probably made a mistake answering a question on the second day and therefor we couldn’t solve it. It’s a risk of doing a geocache, sometimes you manage to find it, other times you fail. Sometimes you can go back to give it another try, but unfortunately for us this time there wasn’t a possibility for a second try.

It started to drizzle and we decided to carry on. Through open fields and then a path full with roots through the woods. We had a great view on the very narrow piece of ground which we had to climb at the end of the day before, so I took a photo from it as I couldn’t do that earlier.

A climb to Hoscheid – Lee Trail

Just before we came through a little valley we passed a Second World War memorial and stood still for a moment. In the valley there was a little village, but actually it was a ghost village. There were several mills a long time ago, but we only saw one. The last inhabitant of the little village left in 1948, before him a lot of others did because of the industrial revolution. The area is absolutely beautiful but it must have been a hard life at that time without all the luxuries that we have now.

A little white chapel – Lee Trail

The landscape were very different, woodland, open fields. It wasn’t so much climbing as the second day. At a certain point you heard the trains and sometimes you catched a glimpse of them before they went into a tunnel.

Open field – Lee Trail

One point the path was very, very small with a big drop on our left hand side. I stayed as much to the right as possible and forced myself not to look to the left for a couple of meters, I was glad when I had that piece of the trail behind me. Before we travelled to Luxembourg we hoped for some snow, but I was glad that there wasn’t any!

At the last part of the trail every few hundred meters there were information boards about the landscape, trees, flowers and animals of that area. And then still high upon a hill we saw the village Kautenbach below us which would be our final destination. The descent was steep and quite long but before we knew it we stood in the middle of the village Kautenbach. Here the Lee trail ended en we were right on time for the train who would bring us back to home!

Almost there! Lee Trail


I had no idea what to expect before we travelled to Luxembourg, but it was a great experience! It’s a great walk to do when you don’t have so much time. And the whole trail it’s easy accessible by train from Luik in Belgium and Luxembourg city. A long the trail you have a couple of railwaystations.

Glad we had walking poles with us as it gave us often support. I just carried a daypack and although it’s a very nice one, for multiple daytracks it was actually too small. Lucky my friend did have a larger backpack, so my drinks and food went into his backpack….. I loved the variety of the landscape and the great views during the walk. The castle and some paths were like a fairy-tale. We hardly see any other walkers but that’s maybe because we walked the trail at the end of February. If you are a trained walker you can do this trail in 2 days but we choosed for the relaxed version of three days. We saw a couple of campsites and lots of hotels, but check in advance if they are open when you are walking the trail out of the season. A lot of them were still closed when we were walking.

4 gedachten over “Day 3 – Lee Trail / Luxembourg

  1. Hallo Caroline
    Ik heb enorm genoten van je verslag. Volgende week gaan we met de kinderen ook de Leetrail doen. Ik ben ook
    geïnteresseerd in de geocache die je vernoemt. Kan je me daar meer informatie over geven?


    1. Hallo Marinka,
      Fijn dat je zo genoten heb van het lezen van mijn verslag! Wij vonden het een ontzettend mooie Trail en wensen jullie ook heel veel plezier volgende week! Als je naar de site van geocaching gaat en je zoekt op caches in Ettelbruck dan kom je de cache ‘Escapardenne Lee Trail’ tegen. Dat is de cache die wij hebben gedaan. Hij is erg leuk! Als je nog meer info wil weten dan hoor ik het graag! Laat je nog even weten hoe jullie de trail en de cache vonden? Groetjes, Caroline

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