10.000 steps a day (and still counting)

Since 1 January I am the proud owner of a Fitbit Charge 2 and I try to make 10.000 steps every day, well… at least  it’s my goal! To be honest with you, I am not always manage to get that goal… ouch! While it’s more effective than going to a sportschool 3 times a week!

Every day you make around 6.000 steps says researchers. In my case that could be right because I have a job behind a desk for most of the day. It means that I have to walk another 30 minutes after work to make another 4.000 steps. Not always easy after a long, tired day at the office, when it’s already dark and raining. Not very tempting when it’s warm and dry inside, I know!

But now it’s spring and since today we have summertime, so it should be light longer every day. And I really need to start training for Nijmegen. No excuses anymore! Every week I want to post the amount of steps that I made here. I registrate my steps since the beginning of the year and I just start blogging so I start today with the amount of steps I made so far: 978.410 steps!

Unbelievable what an amount if you see this number in front of you! It sounds impressive eventhough I haven`t made 10.000 steps all the time. I am really curious how many steps I will have made on 31 December 2017!

Step counter, 1000 miles 2017
10.000 steps in the snow

Some facts about 10.000 steps a day;

– it al started in Japan, where a step counter is called `manpo kei`

– 10.000 steps is equal to 7,5 kilometer

– Just three out of ten people get enough exercise, while eight out of ten think that they get enough exercise!

– We walk 25% less than 30 years ago.


Some tips to get to the 10.000 steps a day goal:

– make a walk during lunchtime

– walk to the supermarket instead of taking the bike or car.

– park your car a bit further away from your destination so you have to walk to get there.

– take the stairs instead of the elevator

Although I haven’t manage to get my goal, I really noticed improvement. I miss it when I am not going to walk during lunchbreak for example! A couple of my friends also have a Fitbit and together we do a workweek Hustle. I am more conscious of my movements and really trying to walk more!


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