Exciting! Osprey Tempest 40 Backpack.

Mystic Magenta, only the name sounds already so mysterious. Also available in black, but that’s so…….black and I love pink! The whistle in the sternum strap is zo loud that when you blow hard on it, they¬†will probably here you miles away!

Whistle Osey Tempest 40
Whistle Osprey Tempest 40

Lovely pockets at the side of the backpack, so I don’t have to ask my boyfriend if my bottle can fit in one of his side pockets. I can fit my keys at an internal key attachment clip, so I will not loose them. Great side pockets in the hip belt which you can lock with a zipper (often there is peppermint in it). And hopefully it’s big enough for the things I want to use the backpack for:

  1. using it in the weekend when I am going to my friend
  2. on a maximum of a 3-day walk
  3. this summer my youngest daughter can use it when we go camping in England

This backpack has a lot of great features. And has everything I was looking for. I have already another (larger) backpack and a hip belt from Osprey and I am very satisfied with those.

But then there was a difficulty: I absolutely wanted the backpack in pink and it was sold out everywhere! I could choose black, but I didn’t want black, I love vivid colors!

Osprey Tempest 40 Mystic Magenta
Osprey Tempest 40 Mystic Magenta backpack

Patience is the answer because all of a sudden I saw the Osprey Tempest 40 Mystic Magenta backpack on the website of a Dutch outdoorshop. He was mine before anyone else could get it! I just get it out of the box and I haven’t used it yet, but I love what I see and I think I will going to have a lot of fun with the backpack!

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